The Parish Council has a number of committees to deal with specific issues in Coggeshall.

These Committees and the Council Members are as follows:-

Planning Committee Cllr James Astley (Chair) Cllr Tom Walsh Cllr Trevor Plumb Cllr Michael Staines

Finance Committee Cllr Trevor Plumb (Chair) Cllr James Astley Cllr Tom Walsh Cllr John Claydon Cllr Michael Staines

Open Spaces Committee Vacant (Chair) Cllr John Claydon Cllr Natasha Barnes Cllr James Astley Cllr Iain Ross Cllr June Alston Cllr Trevor Plumb

Traffic Management Cllr Trevor Plumb (Chair) Cllr John Claydon Clr Ian Hagger Cllr June Alston Cllr Natasha Barnes

Village Hall Cllr Natasha Barnes (Chair) Cllr John Claydon Cllr James Astley

Personnel Cllr Geoff Keig Cllr Iain Ross Cllr James Astley Cllr Ian Hagger