You can contact us by calling 07534 332042 or 01376 562346, or by email on emails and voicemails will be answered as soon as possible If you wish to contact an individual Councillor, please request a call or email contact via the Clerk

Parish Clerk: Philippa Potter 07534 332042  ~  01376 562346

Responsible Financial Officer:  Steve Marriott 01376 562346

Burial and Allotment Enquiries: 01376 562346

Parish Council address:  The Village Hall, 25 Stoneham Street, Coggeshall CO6 1UH

Village Hall Bookings Manager:  Polly Judd 01376 563653 (9.00am - 10.30am or voicemail)

Parish Council Chair - Cllr Ian Hagger Parish Council Vice-Chair - Cllr Trevor Plumb

OFFICE OPENING HOURS Tuesday 10:00am to 1:00pm and Thursday 11:00am to 2:00pm


North Ward                                                                 South Ward Cllr June Alston                                                            Cllr Andy Badger Cllr David Bugg                                                            Cllr Debbie Barry Cllr Simon Dawson                                                       Cllr Jo Brindley Cllr Ian Hagger (Chair)                                                 Cllr John Claydon Cllr Trevor Plumb (Vice-Chair)                                     Cllr Geoff Heaton Cllr Iain Ross                                                                Cllr Michael Staines Cllr Thomas Walsh                                                       Cllr Sue Wilson

Parish Councillor Registers of Interests

The Registers of Interest for Coggeshall Parish Councillors are located on the Braintree District Council (BDC) website, and can be viewed at the following link:

If you wish to view the Registers of Interests in person, they are available for public inspection at the BDC offices, via the BDC Monitoring Officer.  Please contact BDC on 01376 552525 for more information.