The Village Hall is situated in the heart of Coggeshall, adjacent to the main car park off Stoneham Street.

In 1927, a 19th-century brewery was converted into the village hall and served as a meeting place for the people of Coggeshall up until World War Two when it was requisitioned as a canteen for servicemen who were billeted in and around the village.

After the war Essex County Council became the owners and ran it up until mid-2003 when they decided that it was surplus to requirements. The Parish Council purchased the hall from the County Council and then undertook the work of bringing the hall up to modern standards and meeting current legislation.

Today there is a choice of two halls and a meeting room and a large kitchen with oven, dishwasher and hot water heater and bistro area. The main hall has a wooden floor and the smaller Keys Room has a vinyl floor. Both are centrally heated.

Hall Booking costs are from Main Hall - £13.50 per hour (£16.75 per hour evenings and weekends) Max 120 seated,150 people standing - 18 metres (60 ft) by 9.3 metres (30 ft) hall Keys Room - £10.25 per hour (£12.75 per hour evenings and weekends) Max 70 people 12.7 metres (41 ft) x 9.34 metres (30 ft) Meeting Room - £6.00 per hour Max 12 people 6.24 metres (20ft 5") x 3.02 metres (9ft 10")

For bookings please contact Polly on 01376 563653 or try the Hallmaster online reservation service below.

Village Hall Booking System

Why not come along to try something new and meet new friends.

Please note that dry ice, indoor fireworks and other exploding devices are not permitted in the Village Hall as they will set off the fire alarm.

Whilst we have a good supply of plates, cups, cutlery, etc, we do not have sharp knives, chopping boards or tea towels in the hall and hirers will need to bring their own. Please check with the Village Hall Manager for full details.

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